The Unfinished Diva Anahera Bundle Free Download

The Unfinished Diva Anahera Bundle Free Download

Diva Anahera is a collection of 300 patches, comprising of Anahera Volume I and Anahera Volume II, for u-he’s analogue-modelling synth, Diva.

Anahera is all about using modern analogue and virtual analogue techniques to create cutting edge cinematic sounds. It provides a sophisticated sonic palette, immersed in rich and dynamic synthesis, with a laser focus on driving, kinetic pulses and rhythms alongside vivid and opulent textures and soundscapes.

This soundset is inspired by working in the studio with my hardware synth collection, such as the Moog Mother-32, Sub 37 and DFAM, the UDO Super 6, Access Virus TI2, Roland JP8000 and Analogue Solutions Impulse Command.

I took the hands-on, experimental techniques I’d been using with those synths and transferred them to Diva‘s bravura, analogue-modelling capabilities; producing a deep and essential collection of brutal and beautiful, contemporary, cinematic analogue sounds.

Diva Anahera comes in two volumes, Vol I and Vol II, both priced at £19.99 +VAT. This combined bundle is £29.99 +VAT.


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