Stepic for Ableton Live Free Download (FULL+CRACK)

Stepic for Ableton Live Free Download

What makes Stepic so special?

Stepic is a comprehensive step and modulation sequencer designed as a Max for Live midi effect for use in Ableton Live. To make Stepic’s extensive feature set quick and intuitive to use, we equipped it with the user interface of a VST3 audio plug-in.

8 independent modulation sequencers and over 200 randomizable device values guarantee that Stepic always stays fresh. The unique combination of features and an outstanding workflow let you go far beyond the ordinary.

Full Feature List

  • 16 step sequencer.
  • Per section adjustable Sequence Length (Pitch, Octave, Velocity, etc.)
  • 16 Pattern Storage.
  • Pattern Concatenation.
  • Extendable pattern length up to 16 bars.
  • Maximum sequence length: 4096 steps (16 steps x 16 bars x 16 patterns).
  • Step Connect option for merging two or more steps into one.
  • Fully customizable scale system.
  • Per step Chord Play.
  • 6 octave Chord Editor for comfortable note input.
  • Option to tie chord notes to the current scale.
  • Note Repeat section
  • Note-On/Off Probablity
  • Over 220 randomization options.
  • Value Randomization for Pitch, Octave, Duration, Velocity, Step Swing, Divider and modulation values.
  • Configurable ranges for Value Randomization.
  • Clipboard function.
  • MIDI Device Manager for storing MIDI maps
  • Per section Quick Dice for fast & randomized value input.
  • Per section Retrigger options (note & modulation sequencers).
  • Per section Random Step Order options.
  • Per step Note Offset.
  • Per step Note Divider option.
  • Adjustable Root Note.
  • 8 independent modulation sequencers for value modulation.
  • Modulation Targets: Ableton Live Parameter or MIDI CC.
  • Individual Sequence and Note Length for modulation sequencers.
  • Custom Note Length option for note- and modulations sequencers (Range: 1/99 to 99/1).
  • Pattern Change Modes: Free Run, Retrigger.
  • Pattern Change via Ableton Live’s Automation feature.
  • Pattern Change via Stepic’s Max for Live device UI.
  • Ableton Live preset support (save an instance of Stepic as Live preset).
  • Fully scalable user interface.


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